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Getting Ready for Sex and the City 

There are many slot machines out there that have managed to grab the attention as they come out. Many of these are those slot machines that are based on a popular movie or character – and people feel that they can relate to them. Slot machine manufacturers find that these are the best kinds of slot machines to offer because of the ways that they bring in clients. Superheroes are among some of the most popular slot machines out there today. 

But they are all going to start having some serious competition as the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa in Southern California is now offering the “Sex and the City” slot machine for their clients. The slot machine is making their two week debut and players could not be more excited.  

The new slot machine has been eagerly anticipated and the casino is thrilled that they got to be the ones to offer it first. The casino said that as soon as it had arrived on their property this week they were getting calls from slot machine fans who were hoping that they might be able to get a chance at playing it first. The slot machine is a multi level progressive game, and once it hit the floors there “hasn’t been an empty seat.” 

The popularity of the movie goes a long way to making it a popular game as well, and players couldn’t wait to see what they had done with their favorite show. The slot machine is also a penny slot which means that it is much more accessible to people who would not have normally been able to spend a long time playing it. They know that it won’t have a huge pay out, but they also know that they will get to enjoy it much longer than if they had made it a quarter or dollar slot machine


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