Lessons you'll learn

I’ve felt it is my purpose in life to help people. I’ve known this my entire life, even since I was a young kid. Over the years I’ve tried to do that in various ways. In recent years I’ve come to learn one of the ways I can help people is to share  my wisdom with them as I’ve earned lifetimes of wisdom already in this one lifetime and I came into the world as a wise soul to begin with. 

What I'll teach you about AI

Today my every free moment of attention goes into discovering, learning and mastering artificial intelligence technology platforms like Jasper and Copy AI. This week I launched a new AI blogging software that’s free to use on bloggy.ai. There I’ve even created a main site category called “Lessons” so it seemed fitting to mention it here since this is a page about learning after all. I’m on earth to help people. That’s my purpose. These day’s I’m helping people by educating them on the developments with cutting edge artificial intelligence products and teaching people how to build an AI related business in 2023 and profit from the AI artificial intelligence revolution coming our way now. 

Slots Ninja

Slots Ninja

In March 2023 I will be launching yet another project on slotsninja.org. I’m an affiliate of Slots Ninja Casino and I liked the site a lot when I reviewed it. Plus, they operators are some of the most trusted iGaming operators in the business. So, I decided to build a Slots Ninja Review guide on SlotsNinja.org that goes live in the coming weeks which I’m super excited about. 

Bloggy AI Logo

Bloggy AI

In February 2023 I launched Bloggy.AI that lets people create AI powered blogs, art and increase their blogging productivity with AI writing assistants, AI art generator tools and artificially intelligent content generators built on top of the latest WordPress blogging software. 



ArtGenerators.AI is going to be an AI art creators platform, solely for art and not a blogging site. There will be an artist’s marketplace where ArtGenerators.AI members can sell their artworks in various ways, giving them an opportunity to profit from the AI revolution that’s finally here. 

Free Slot Machines Casino

FreeSlotMachinesCasino.com is owned and developed by Benjamin Ogden. The plan for the website is to add some new free casino slot games to played on mobile devices without downloading any online casino software.